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prosecutors a tax form showing the client had won $400,000 in gambling in las vague yachls now, prosecutors say they're checking that out. they don't know what happened to that money. vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. a different part of the bay in an effort to get a handle on a violent crime problem, the police chief has a new strategy tonight. laura anthon lee is live to explain. laura? >> hi, dan, neighborhood policing has been tried before here but this time the chief told us he thinks that it will work despite having many fewer officers than last time they tried it. this is a model in many cities. >> the police chief announced a new neighborhood policing
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plan for a city. he believes will not only take a bite out of crime but strengthens ties between officer asks the community. >> captains will be charged of a smaller area gives us best opportunities to do that. >> area two ran from fruit veil to the san leandro border encompassing three districts. in the new plan the same area is broken into two districts, four, five, each with its own captain he will be held accountable for identitying and implementing neighborhood-specific crime reduction strategies. >> a component would involve each district having its own advisory council. >> getting time, flexibility to reach out to the community to engage in problem solving. i'm convinced the solution to crime ask reducing crime rests on the community. >> the city councilman rode
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along with police last weekend, sought which crimes need the most attention. >> in this area the greatest challenge i have are the assaults. the shooting and prosecutions. >> the police officer association has little to say except wondering how it will make it different from the streets given the department is short of the recommended size of the officer autos there are 611 fsers on duty today, several hundred less than just years ago. and hundreds less than what wr we we need to be. >> now, this policing model is one of the major recommendations for the city not only is a way to combat crime. in oakland abc 7 news.
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>> thank you. >> investigators looking into a faulty steering cheel. a 14-year-old were both killed saturday. his 17-year-old cousin lost control of his car during warm ups. it sped into the pit killing johnson. witnesses told investigators it appeared the wheel came off. >> it's going to clip you tug on it and make sure it's tightened. the car has been impounded now. the sheriff's department will get the car back soon. but the steering wheel had come off or the shaft broke or something happened. >> marcus would have been 15 in is going to be 18 but they were really close, close-knit family. i mean, couldn't have a better family. >> memorials set up in his
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middle school and the family shop in petaluma. >> california high speed rail project just took a $8 billion step forward today that is the money needed to start just start, building the massive rail line from southern california to san francisco and sacramento. the construction could not begin in less than four months this project is gaining momentum. leaders rushed to begin construction in july. the board voted to move ahead with authorizing the state to sell up to $8.6 billion in bonds, $3 billion used to start the first 130 segment in the central valley near merced. >> it's supposed to occur
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estimated number of debt that will be assessed include interesting on this. >> it all depends on wall street but the state is yugs a 6.a5% interest rate over 35 years. >> it's about $175 million per year to pay the debt service on that. >> the state has so much to settle if it wants to break ground this summer. the state doesn't have land yet to put tracks on. >> have you secured land yet? >> our staff is out with four different teams starting the process. >> there are two pending lawsuits, one questions the legality of the revised plan. the trains will be on high speed rail until just between the regions they'll switch over to existing tracks. critics question if passengers can get north to south and two hours of 40 minutes as promised. >> this resembled nudging that the people voted for and...
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you shouldn't allowed to do it because it's a question of... the law. >> some people who are saying this ignored the fact that the blend add approach is commonly used throughout the world. >> no one knows where remaining $55 billion will come from to finish the project. >> bart conducting an experiment allowing bikes on board during morning and evening commute hours, bicycles okay in all trains with just restrictions. abc 7 news has been riding bart this afternoon. there will be a bit of a delay here, have you seen problems? >> folks have been bringing bikes on bart this evening when nornlly when bicycles would be allowed. bart has been toying with the
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idea of allowing bikes. in august, the test is on fridays allowing people to bring bikes on during peak commute times and decided the -- they needed to do more tests f you look you can see there is someone bringing a bicycle in. going to take that bike down stairs of course because they're not allowed on escalators. this is what you're going to be seeing more of. bart decided to do a test on every day of the week because fridays were slow. after doing a survey during august they figured out the public was split about half folks in favor after loug more bikes on bart. about half guessed. so they want to make sure there are spots you can go if you just want to get away from bicycles. now we did ride bart and one of the folks was riding bart with his boy bike and told us
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it's worth while and he wants to see more bikes on bart. >> there is always been room. you know? it's just a matter of people being respectful to each other. and he is smeshlly with boks being respectful to other aeng passengers. >> now bart said they want to double the number of bikes on bart. they want people riding instead of taking cars. only about four and a half percent of the people ride bikes to bart. they want to double that to 8%. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> jonathan going to be hopping on bart here. >> still ahead here tonight at 6:00 what the city may have to give up to host super bowl 50 at 49ers new stadium. we'll show you what it's going to
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cost. >> we're live tonight where some parking may soon go away. it could cost a local politician his job. >> some fans of cat williams watched him cut short a concert are getting refunds.
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official as agreed to give up millions in exchange for hosting the 2016 super bowl. among sources agreed waive a 9.5% hotel tax, for 350
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employees of the nfl and two team that's will play. a 10% sur skmarj a $4.54 city fee on parking spaces near the stadium if winning the bid it would be played in the new stadium you can see here. now, despite the revenue concessions the game jud should generate hundreds of millions in economic activity. a lot that have will be in san francisco. not santa clara, keep in mind. the city council meets to act on the concessions. another bid jer miami. >> a controversial proposal to reduce parking on polk street spawned a recall effort of the superviseo, david hsu. he's not behind td plan. the transportation agency wants to eliminate parking from mccal sister to union.
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it's up to the mta but that is not stopping residents from focusing their ire on supervisor hsu. an uneasy vip about to get more uneasy thanks to a plan being proposed by the city. fony burbury shop carries rare print publications. it's on the busy stretch of polk street. they're thinking of doing a makeover. >> i remembered i was shocked when i heard that they're planning to remove parking i said what are they think something. >> what they're thinking is taking advantage of a planned major repave prog jekt to make the streets safer for all who use it. l requiring a reduction in
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metered spaces. >> in each proposal have a different amount of parking lots? or bike lane goesing in. but at this point they're just proposals. what we're doing now is listen together community to see what they want. and make sure we can get it right before muflg forward. >> this beauty company is a salon on polk. she says she's all for making streets more beautiful. she just wants the parking to stay. >> this is bad enough. it becomes harder. there is no way these businesses are going to survive. >> this store owner wants to pursue other ways of achieving the goal. >> we'd like to stit down and come up with alternative plan that's will be more acceptable to residents and merchants. >> we have certainly heard
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from other residents on those issues and concerns and i know that feed back will be taken into account. >> hsu says he'd be in support of a pilot project. so happens mta has a pilot in mind for the america's cup boat race here in san francisco. that will sureliy be the topic of lively debate tonight. starts at 6:30. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> transit officials got a peek today at ideas for making parking easier. officials learned about new solutions including a demand based program now being used in los angeles. managing supplies to encourage turnover will be discussed
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tomorrow. >> an urgent plea tonight from the food bank. officials warning they will run out of food by the end of the week. many shelves are empty at the food pantry. and the dough mand is expected to rise in the next week when children are home for spring break. but a huge fund raising short fall left the bank 3,000 donation barrels empty. they're asking anyone who can donate to do so immediately wex have a link on abc 7 we often think about the need for food around holidays but this time of the year, it's great. >> it is, indeed. let's check on the forecast now. change is on the way. >> yes. >> we're going see rain tomorrow night. last measurable rain 5/100ths back on march 7th. >> it's been a while. >> we need rain. and we'll check out what it
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looks like. our radar along with national weather service tracking moisture in the clouds. none of this is reaching the ground yet. it will be tracking rain tomorrow night. from san jose, you can see what it looks like now. high clouds moving through. temperatures this afternoon got up to 65 degrees and here is a look at the different vantage point. you can see sun trying to peak through high clouds right now. temperatures 64 santa rosa. los gatos, 66 degrees. here is what is coming up. cloudy skies overnight. rain for your tuesday night into wednesday. and you'll need rain gear, here is a storm getting closer to the bay area. it's a warm storm. so if you're wondering three to six inches expected but around 6500 to 7,000 neat elevation. high clouds before the rain
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now sheer what is coming up in terms of rain here in the bay area. cloudy skies, into 5:00 a.m. some of you heading out of the door will get breaks from clouds at 5:00 a.m. this is to see more cloud cover. then rain starts to approach at 5:00 p.m. light to moderate rain going into wednesday morning at 5:00 a.m. scattered showers around. it's moving through the heart of the bay area, behind it a few lingering showers but it winds down quickly. a hachl inch for the central bay, south bay, sharp drop off. up to an inch of rain expected. it's been dry. our rainfall deficit these are just updated now. over 5 and a half inches in
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san frachblt you need nif and a half inches to makeup to were you should be. you'll notice mer than three inches needed to get to where you should be at this time of year. we're hurting. temperatures in the morning in 40s and we'll start out with partly to mostly sunny skies. you'll notice increasing cloud cover in the north bay. 67 napa. 65 santa rosa. 62 san francisco. 70 degrees in fremont. low 70s here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. and you'll see rain moving in tomorrow night going into wednesday. it's the first day of sprik. we'll see windy conditions behind this system thursday. certainly milder temperatures going into weekend. low to mid-50s, plenty of sunshine. no rain is expected there. clouds along coast, temperatures in the 50s.
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>> nice. >> thank you up next a study on how often you should have a mammogram. >> this is important for women over 50.
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oorks a new study involving bay area researchers finds not only is a mammogram for women unnecessary over 50 it could be harmful. a task force add vidzed mammograms every other year. today's study confirms and goes further. uc san francisco and group health research institute collected data on nearly one million american women. >> what is to say are there women of higher risk that might benefit? at two we've looked at, high breast density and hormone therapy, it didn't, those women can be screened every two years. >> the researchers say women over 50 who do get an annual mammogram experience more false positives and get more buy yop tis. yikts say in the getting
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mammograms every year could prevent earlier detection. >> the economic recovery has been slow to take off at mineta san jos jay international airport. the number of flights dropped and passenger traffic is down, too. this is while traffic is up 8% at oakland and san francisco airports. one south bay business group says more should be done to draw high tech companies into san jose its silicon valley. we have these business customers going to san francisco. >> this airport does expect business to start picking up. the dream liner has been been undergoing safety issues and the airport is building a new general aviation terminal for corporate jets. >> stay with us. there is more still to come here at 6:00.
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hillary clinton coming out in support of same-sex marriage. tonight the dilemma facing candidates on the other side of the aisle. >> michael finney thems get refunds for some bay area fans but turns out they zront to give you money back. >> bikes are welcome on boort this week. our reporter is on the way
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a shift in republican strategy tonight that changed forced by the loss of the presidential election. republican leaders are hoping to broaden the party's appeal. >> g.o.p. did a survey of voters voters see the party as increasingly out of touch. one suggestion, people are -- be more open to gays. report details the party's failure in the 2012 presidential election. >> when republicans lost in november it's a wake up call.
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>> the report says voters see republicans as out of touch and dominated by stuffy old men. and said republicans should endorse reform. >> just five years ago it would be unheard of to have the party addressing the need to bring gay and lesbian american nootz big tent of the republican party. >> last week, republican senator port pman said he supports gay marriage. the president switched his position, today, hillary clinton announced her endorsement of same-sex marriage. and a new poll by abc news shows opposition declined over the past 10 years, support has increased about the same amount it now stands at 58% compared to just 36% opposed. >> there is no doubt that public attitudes are changing.
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>> the newly elected vice chair says that party is changing. >> there are gay people on the board and they're in committed gay relationships soy think people are very accepting of that. the label of marriage continues to be controversial among some parts of the party. >> harmy dylan says that will take time to change. in the castro, voters are determined to see which way it's going. >> it is true that politicians trail public opinion. in this case san francisco mayor was out in front. his support of same-sex marriage made him radio active to john kerry's campaign, now, democratic contenders are lining up behind this on that issue.
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>> pop singer michelle shock launched into a rant against same-sex marriage last night, shocking her audience. here is a quote of one of the things she said about halfway through the show according to the san francisco chronicle two thirds of the audience walked out. today a tavern in novato cancelled her appearance next week. refunds beginning to arrive for cans of cat williams who walked off stage decuring a performance in oakland last fall. >> the controversy over this is far from over. >> laila idollizes cat williams but she says what happened left her sad. >> he was insulting the crowd and making fun of us saying like, oh, we're, i have your money, ha, ha, you can't get it back now. >> this video shows security
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pulling williams off stage just as he is getting into a skrimish with an audience member. the fan says williams walked on and off several times, each time, throwing out insults but he joked. >> we kept thinking it's a tease everybody kept getting excited then, it was frustration by the end everybody was booing. >> williams troubles didn't end there. he would ab rested five times for charges stemming from a police chase in sacramento to a bar fight in seattle. and things didn't get better for fans. they were told by both concert promoter, live nation and ticket master there would be no refunds. >> they left frustrated and hurt. >> i talked to a lawyer doing a class action lawsuit against live nation. >> the attorney filed a class action case against cat
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williams live nation, and ticket master. this is video in denver weeks earlier. >> they had knowledge of the fact cat williams is sprok lems prior to the concert. they did nothing to let people who purchased tickets now the concert shouldn't happen. >> the defendants declined to comment but in court papers live nation and ticket master argued a ticket entitles the ticket holder to enter for the event, take a seat, view whatever shows are put on. courts around the country held a ticket does not entitle the holder to a performance satisfying his expectations. >> we invormed linnea of a right to disputes the charge. the bank of the west denied this challenge saying it's between her and the merchant.
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several weeks later a refund appeared without explanation. >> surprised i guess that they gave the money back. >> they refunded my money after telling them i was going on channel 7 on your side. >> john got a refrund oracle arena. one attorney says that is not enough. >> it's been hit or miss with regards of who received refunds a hearing on whether or not the lawsuit will proceed is scheduled for thursday. >> what a mess. >> still to come tonight the world's tiniest microscope. >> and a cancer patient is benefiting from it. >>
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some doctors are now tighting fighting cancer world's smallest medical microscope. >> mike knows he's a lucky man. a checkup for a acid reflux condition turns up a dangerous threat. cancer. >> precansor cells that were accelerating and moving towards cancer. and i happened to diagnose down here in the nick of time. >> surgeons removed the tissue and today a team at california pacific medical center is going to use a device to help make sure the cells are gone for good. >> this cancer houses a world's tiniest medical microscope. >> this doctor is going use a mine tour microscope to re-examine the area going after any remaining cell autos so we're more confident that
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we can hopefully remove areas that are risky ask haven't left anything behind. >> the camera inserted into the patient's esophagus. with the help of a dye, the powerful microscope will magnify the view more than a thousand times allowing the doctor tochl yammin cells visible on the monitor on the right. >> there is one area here i wanted to examine more in detail. again, no evidence of tumor in this region. >> he is clear of cancer cells, dr. bod identified tissue that is damaged which could leave it vulnerable to cancer in the future, he adds a second instrument. >> that allows us to deliver cold energy. can you see that? you can see it.
6:40 pm
this is now ready to be reintroduced. the doctor will destroy the tissue layer by freezing it. these cells will die off. and what will be the place will be normal tissue. >> he says it's not only effective but less invasive. >> maybe five or 10 years ago would you have had surgery. i'm confident it's gone. he's basically cured. >> this can be used to identify phone shall cancers in almost the entire tract including stomach, colon and pancreas. >> how are bicycles being accepted on bart tonight? jonathan bloom
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want to check back with jonathan bloom. >> he's coming to us live with cell 7 technology. how many problems have you seen a come dating bicycles
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during rush hour. >> so far we haven't seen any problems on bart. folks said they had not remembered this was the week but a lot of folks were glad it's going on and eager to show bicyclists can be respectful to other people riding bart. they want this policy to become permanent. one person in charge is steve gerl raldo this, is a second test you're going y did you feel it's necessary to do? >> so our first test was in summer months. in august. we wantedded to do a prime time test. >> you guys did a survey following a first test. what did that find? >> people were good with the first tests. 90% responded no problems. we're asking for no bikes on first three cars of the
6:45 pm
trains. that is in response to the first test. >> what have you been finding during this day? >> no major problems today. we're getting a good response and we're asking folks to go to and let us know their experience today. >> thank you very much. this will be going on again another four days. >> all right. thank you. >> let's update the forecast. spring is here. spring is almost here and so is the rain this, is just moisture in the clouds, none of this is reaching the ground yet. tomorrow evening we're expecting the possibility of rain f you're doing traveling eureka, 54 degree was rain getting to you first. tomorrow afternoon, 55 in tahoe. 52 degrees in yosemite.
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7,000 feet dropping to 6500. as you look at our temperatures will be close to today's levels. low 70s, clouds gathering first in the north bay 59 in half moon bay. of 66 in oakland. sheer here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. rain continues first day of spring, wednesday at 4:02 in the morning. at least away from the coastline. be sthour follow us on twitter rain and shine for twets and video forecasts. and spare the air alerts. keep you posted. >> you know we mentioned earlier here tonight there is a food shortage at the food bank. well there is no shortage of eggs. the alo vera egg ranch dropped
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off 32,000 eggs today. they were donated as part of a campaign by united egg producers and feeding america. this is to plow vid fresh eggs for easter, which is march 31. eggs are a prized item because of their high protein content. >> time now for sports. >> yes. >> what do you have? >> exactly. >> you're not walking on eggshell autos they're getting ready for hoops in san jose. and the women of stanford seeded one two, in their seeded one two, in their 3 days of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year.
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visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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good evening thairks not complaining at ka. they're a lowly 12 seed. they'll play to what amounts to a home game. thursday afternoon, in san jose. the court going down this morning. six times to be played over two days. thursday, and saturday. remember, cal and unlv went
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back on december 9th. the game wing loop with less than a second remaining. >> a lot of screaming and got very excited and jumping around playing a team we've played before and probably should have beaten. everybody is excited we're happy and are going to try to make the most of it. >> good times for cal women as well. ncaa womens' field announced today. bears opening up against fresno state to be played in texas saturday tipping off at 1:20 p.m. cal finished the year and they're great. 28 and 3. >> this is just to be able to reflect is exciting and there is a hunger with this group.
6:52 pm
thaer that we're not satisfied. >> and pack 12 co-champs get the number one seed in that region. that game is at stanford. on to baseball. a's have a heelted competition they found their man at third. josh donaldson converted last season from catcher to third. he told abc 7's mike shumann he's more comfortable this year. >> last year i was overnight made it third baseman. now, it took longer for me to establish there. and ended up having to go on. it's different. i am not having to think about things as i did last year.
6:53 pm
this is unbelievable in the post season. there are some things happened. that i think are more characteristic of this team than the first. res spi there for success. >> talk about melvin a little by. he seems like a guy, he played the game and understands go what everybody goes through. >> he's always trying to compete. you know? we can be here playing chess, he'd be competing to win even if he didn't know how to play. he comes ready every day. and does a good job. >> aj griffin tie fofrd five earned runs. netherlands and dominican
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republic playing in semi finals in baseball tonight. winner will meet puerto rico. warriors in new orleans next possession, he went to stanford but a slow learner. harrison barn was authority. love it when he gets a surge of strength for the cubs. seth curry always sizzling. i mean, every game. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. now looks like they're going to have a victory in new orleans. >> join me tonight at 9:00 a big part of the movie and
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happened in this fight. a rare event 14 seconds after raised. >> a livermore preschool shut down two. workers banned from child care what. workers are accused of doing to kids in their care. >> also pope francis will be installed in a few hours and plus we're going to have live coverage of the mass that follows on abc 7 >> from all of us, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a cook from little rock, arkansas... and our returning champion, a classics lecturer from los angeles, california... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. well, the ides of march have come and gone,
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but they were pretty good to rob, our champion, as you just heard. he won$22,000 on friday. rayma and joshua, nice to have you with us today. good luck to all three of you. let's go to work in the jeopardy! round, shall we? this round is over e that has the one daily double, and here are the categories. we all remember that airline. we'll deal with... alex: and, rob, where would you like to start? let's start with compound words for $200. rayma. rob or joshua? rob. what is a keyboard? keyboard. compound words, yes. compound words for $400. joshua. what is a daredevil? that's it. let's do raising the bar for $200.
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rob. what are piña coladas? yes. let's do raising the bar for $400. joshua. what is gin? gin. you got it. let's do raising the bar joshua. for $600. rayma. what is a mojito? mojis. raising the bar for $800, please. rob. to. yeat is schnapps? yes. raising the bar for $1,000. [ beep ] and that would be sambuca. back to you, rob.


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